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Bill Maher is a Crazy Person

It's quite clear, Bill Maher is a fan of science only when it conforms to his view of the world.
Frist: On the swine flu cause I know you really believe that.
Maher: You say that like you think I'm a crazy person.
Frist: Here you are.

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Yeah, that was cringe worthy.

I mean, what really gets me is that his accusations are so vague. It's like I will give him credit for having a fact on his plate, That most healthy adults that get the flu vaccine, get it for no good reason. That said, the side effect risk is extremely low and for the young elderly and those with lung problems, the vaccine is potentially life saving.

If his point was really about the over use of flu vaccines, go ahead and make it, if its really this general hatred of all vaccines, then give some line of reason.

Wow. When you're having a conversation with BILL FRIST, and he's the sensible one something is very wrong with you.

I watched this Friday and was glad to see a guest FINALLY call Bill out on this. I wasn't expecting that guest to be Bill Frist, though.

Agreed. Bill can explore other medicine, and if it's effective for him, keep on that path. Unfortunately he continues to ignore all of the facts that he "thinks" aren't true.

I do feel that we as a country tend to over-medicate, but common sense should have some place in the decision on whether or not to get a vaccine. I can tell you that college kids are sick all of the time. The incidence of real illness seems to be much much worse now than when I was an undergrad, but maybe I was so busy with my work I didn't notice all of the students hacking into their hands or elbows. If I were a 20 year old coed, I probably would get this vaccine. Since I'm not in a high risk category, I'm opting out. Kids and senior citizens have need for this vaccine way more than a healthy adult does. When I retire, I'll line up with everyone else.

Apparently, a vaccine can exacerbate an existing illness, so perhaps those who are going for a shot should get a check-up first. Other than that, you can quarantine yourself from the rest of society until this thing blows over.

Too bad Frist wasn't this logical with the Schiavo case.

Vaccine works. It's just that simple. And one of these days Bill Maher is gonna have to accept that he is way, way out there in terms of medicine.

I know he thinks that just because western society kills itself with bad food and stress, and because the pharmaceutical industry is ruining us, that means that western medicine is somehow also wrong on basics like vaccine. But it's not.

Bill's instant change of expression from smug smirk to "I can't believe he just said yes" serious when Frist tells him he is indeed crazy, is PRICELESS!

God, I never thought I'd agree with Frist in a debate with Maher.

A few things Bill Maher needs to shut the fuck up about because he looks like a moron:


Fat Americans

Stupid Americans (Like Maher is a body-builder genius)

Alternative Medicine

Bill comes across as a huge idiot when he broaches these subjects. It's embarrassing to the point where a friend needs to tell him about it, like if someone you know has really bad breath or something.

After not being ill for about a decade I lowered my guard and got my assed kicked with this flu thing. No big deal but I'm a fit person and pretty strong. I could see it really stomping an old person or a child. I would get the vaccine, all of you. Either that or plan on about a month of hacking your lungs out and having zero energy.

P.S. There is a 50 meg version of Real Time which you can download in about a minute. Perfect for someone living overseas who wants to keep up.

Maher specifically criticizes Western medicine, does that mean he's an advocate of Eastern medicine? You know, like how having sex with a virgin will cure you of AIDS and eating a rhino horn will cure impotence.

Now that he's finally made unambiguously clear what he believes about vaccines and "Western" medicine, it'd be interesting to know clearly what in the world he believes actually works. He's hinted at "Eastern" stuff before, but I don't think he's made clear that he believes in kookier stuff than herbs and such. Maybe he does believe in acupuncture and that kind of thing.

Inbelievable! Bill Maher has really gone over the edge on this. Has he never heard of smallpox? It's a damned good thing he wasn't there telling people not to let the government inject a disease into their arms when one of the most horrible diseases in history was being eradicated. Somebody less polite than Frist has to come out slam him to ground on this.

We should start an e-mail campaign challenging Maher to invite Orac on his show.

Something that Bill completely misses is that if people do not get the vaccine and contract swine flu, they will be given a course of meds as part of the treatment. Since Bill's all up on evolution does he not foresee the stronger strain of swine flu, one which is resistant to the current prescription? This will happen, as teachers i know are already describing kids with swine flu returning to school before they are well.

So Maher, on this one I am sooo against you. Wake up, dude. You are helping to create an environment that you are supposedly speaking out against: one in which we (as a society) will need to take more drugs.

There is a difference between over-medicating and stupidity. Those who take anti-biotics and return to work or school before they cease to be contagious contribute to the problem just as much someone who returns to public with H1N1 before they should. Rest for the sick and good hygiene for all will prevent the spread of germs and viruses, but these activities will not halt such proliferation.

Then again, bill doesn't have children, and maybe pot will keep him immune.


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