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Belief in God, Wacky

A fun clip from a recent episode of "Lie to Me"

Alternate link to the video



I am not sure schizophrenia is the "scientific" diagnosis, but still a fun clip.

I like the new avatar.

Is it someone I should know? How has my education let me down this time?

Some Company recently did an ad campaign merging celebrity faces. They made headlines for merging Hitler with someone. They seem like idiots for doing that.

On the other hand their merger of Albert Einstein and John Lennon caught my eye.

me too. norm, your site wanted me to download a quicktime update to see these new clips of yours. i think i did it right and it sort of works, but it takes forever to "buffer" and even then it's real jerky and stop/start. did i do something wrong? maybe it's one of those overseas issues?

It is most likely your connection, not the software. Yours is the only complaint I've gotten.

As a long time reader I must say the Quicktime format is a problem for me. Too many bad experiences with Apple software... I've resorted to: 1. Right Click->View Background Image 2. Change '-poster.jpg' to '-desktop.m4v' in the URL 3. Download and play in VLC

On the bright side I can then archive the many awesome clips you post :)

Hey, that's basically what I do! Screw QuickTime.

I just wish Norm would go back to adding download links in the post, which made things a bit easier.


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