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Our troops don't feel sorry for themselves and they don't want our sympathy, nor do they want to be rescued. They don't question whether they should be there. Ask our troops and you will get a resounding response. Our troops want to be there, and they want to complete their mission. It really doesn't matter what Obama says, or what anybody else has to say and want. What matters is what our troops want- victory- and not another 911. Send in the troops, not the flowers.

Troops can't prevent another 9/11, That is the job of the intelligence community.

Troops could have captured Osama 8 years ago if our president hadn't been a cowardly boob.

One hard push to get Osama and his leaders, kick the Taliban out of office and it would have been a ticket home and 100th the money and a 10th the causalities.

Instead we are protecting opium cartels and generally wasting our time.


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