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Under The Sink - A Review

I get a fair number of offers to read books. I turn most of them down because I have trouble getting through the stack I have waiting for me, the books I've chosen to read. One of the last offers I received was also a collection of short stories. I read it but didn’t much like it. When the author inquired some time later why I hadn’t written a review, I responded honestly, that he wouldn’t have liked the review, but if he felt slighted I’d be happy to post one. He declined.

So when David Peters offered to send me a copy of his debut collection of short stories and poems, Under The Sink, my first thought was to turn him down.

But he trapped me with the long time reader bit, and how I had in part inspired him to lose his religion. What was I to do?

It turns out that accepting his offer was a good thing. His stories are good. They are compelling narratives about the lives of twenty-somethings learning through their mistakes what it is to make your way in the world. It’s all there, love, war, drugs, fidelity and infidelity, told poignantly and with wit.

That the stories spoke to me, that they reminded me of my twenties, is a tribute to the universality of the themes David wrote about, I think you'll like it.

The book is short just over 100 pages. I read it straight through, and that's the best recommendation I give.



It's one thing to read the review of friends who know me but entirely another to receive a review from someone you respect but don't know personally.

Thank you very much.

Sounds good and I have the feeling Norm is a tough critic, too. :)


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