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The President of the United States



I really enjoyed his tact. i would paraphrase him as saying, "You will do this, not because I will make you, but because you want to and there aren't any good excuses as to why you wouldn't want to." I think he made the case for a public option and sort of came out and said what we had hoped he meant up to this point.

I really enjoyed noting which parts the republicans clapped for, stayed seated, stood, etc.

Just for fun: try to picture Bush speaking so eloquently. Hurts your brain, doesn't it?

I heard most of the speech on the radio. It was weird hearing the cheering and applause and not seeing the facial expressions. Obama would raise something that was problematic, and then there were loud cheers and applause. I kept thinking, "this isn't the happy part." Maybe the cheers were more assents of the "Amen!" variety.

He did reach as far across the aisle as possible. While I'd much prefer a single payer plan, at least a public option would be acceptable. However, without a single payer resolution, Obama will not be the last president to stand up and discuss health reform. I can stand the baby steps as long as they are headed int he right direction.

Anyway, thank you for posting this Norm. Now I can catch the entire speech, with the visuals.


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