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  • GOP Seeks to 'Eliminate' the Pubic Option for Restrooms

  • The Nightmare of Christianity

  • Naomi Klein in Conversation With Michael Moore

  • Bergman items sold off at auction

    tip to Vipin

    The crusader knight prolonged his life by challenging Death at Chess

    Chess pieces used to delay Death in Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal have been sold for 1m Swedish crowns (£90,250; $143,000), officials say.
    Max von Sydow played a crusader knight who extended his life by playing Death at Chess in the 1957 film.
    The pieces were among 339 items owned by the Swedish director which were sold at auction in Stockholm on Monday.

  • Why Israel must become a secular state: a thought for Yom Kippur 5770

    tip to Jake

    Sometimes it seems to me that the State of Israel is condemned to re-enact much of European history. One of processes that Israel has not completed is secularization; and we are forced to go through this process that took Europe centuries, in a few decades. I will argue that full secularization of the state is in the interest of religious Jews no less than it is desired by non-believers, and I call upon religious Jews to join the process of secularization.

    Israel's history, like that of Europe, has been determined in many ways by the tension between two conceptions of authority, revealed truth and critical inquiry. The conception of revealed truth has dominated most of human history: truth and values are based on a source that lies in the past, and whose validity is absolute. This is the basic structure of traditional religions that derive their authority from a presumed revelation in a mythical past.

  • Dawkins:Keep Libel Laws Out of Science

    tip to Erick



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