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Links With Your Coffee

  • The Rights of Corporations
  • The question at the heart of one of the biggest Supreme Court cases this year is simple: What constitutional rights should corporations have? To us, as well as many legal scholars, former justices and, indeed, drafters of the Constitution, the answer is that their rights should be quite limited — far less than those of people.

  • CAM usage and vaccination status
  • I've often discussed how potentially misleading anecdotal evidence and experience can be. Indeed, I've managed to get into quite a few--shall we say?--heated discussions with a certain woo-friendly pediatrician, who, so confident in his own clinical judgment, just can't accept that his own personal clinical observations could be wrong or even horribly mislead him. Sadly, I've never managed to persuade him just how easy it is for us humans to be deceived or even to deceive ourselves.

  • Bill Moyers: Conservative Radicals and the Politics of Vengeance
  • What Goes Around Comes Around



    It's a discussion between Floyd Abrams and Trevor Potter with Bill Moyers on the McCain-Feingold Act.


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