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  • The Millions: The Best Fiction of the Millennium (So Far): An Introduction
    Ah, 1999… We laughed along with Chandler and Phoebe, invested our surplus Benjamins with Lehman Brothers, danced a national macarena. Those days seem like the distant past now, and in many ways, the first decade of the 21st Century has been quite different from the giddy future we might have projected. In one way, though, the new millennium has delivered: we’ve gotten great fiction, often from unexpected quarters. When The New York Times named “The Best Work of American Fiction of the Last 25 Years” in 2006, none of the finalists was younger than 69, and the most recent publication date was 1997. But the ’00s have introduced us to new voices, spurred others to new levels of achievement, and ushered in the late masterworks that have capped distinguished careers.

  • Chasing the king of chess --
    In time, my interest shifted from Fischer's chess to a much murkier aspect of his life: the identity of his father. . .

    Is this Bobby Fischer's father, it would seem so.
    Paul Felix Nemenyi.

    Born to a prominent Jewish family in Hungary in 1895, he was brilliant. At 17, he was co-winner of a national math and physics competition. He had a special gift for spatial relations -- a skill important to chess players. In the 1920s, he became a university lecturer in Berlin.

    Nemenyi lost his position in 1933, when "non-Aryans" were purged from German universities. He settled in the U.S., and in 1942 he was teaching at what was then Colorado State College in Fort Collins. Regina was studying at the University of Denver.

    tip to Jason

  • Karpov v Kasparov update -

  • Raise your brendice to a new lexicon - News, Books - The Independent
    That festering colleague slouched in the corner ... leave the fellow alone, he's merely crambazzled.

    For anyone who has struggled to find the exact word to describe someone prematurely aged by drink, help is at hand. A baffling but charming book of ostrobogulous (bizarre and interesting) words will be published this week.

  • My great escape: Garrison Keillor - Features, Health & Families - The Independent

  • Andrew Sullivan tries again to solve the problem of evil « Why Evolution Is True



I was dismayed at Sullivan's reasoning on suffering.

I lived through a plague which killed my dearest friend and countless others I knew and loved. I was brought at one point to total collapse and a moment of such profound doubt in the goodness of God that it makes me shudder still. But God lifted me into a new life in a way I still do not understand but that I know as deeply and as irrevocably as I know anything.

This is simply a religious shield people use to stop the debate. The personal experience is always irrefutable. It is annoying when people use god as an argument for things not understood, and then with the same breath state they know deep down the truth.

Great stuff here: List of books, Bobby Fischer's dad, a great little article by Keillor. I skipped Sullivan...I read him sometimes but his religiousitynous is often a little too potent.

re: sullivan- in the words of the "smart commenter" who challenged him

My understanding of the Judeo-Christian “fallen creation”...

i'm sure you all know what i think of this. christianity and judaism do share certain ideas that they mostly agree on, but not many. certainly "the fall" as understood by sullivan isn't one of them. the use of the term "judeo-christian" is almost always wrong, imo, and doesn't say much for the "smartness" of the commenter, who was referring to the christian interpretation.


re: kiellor- big fan, BIG fan. never even heard his radio show- wish i had- but read a few of his books, planning on reading more. last one, "pontoon", made me think of you for some reason, norm. i think it's just because that's just the way my mind works. i associate you with some nebulous tradition of american/scandinavian/lutheran kind of practical, fundamentally good hearted, sharp yet playful wisdom. i hope this bugs the shit out of you. :)

thanks for the link. signed-

terminally passive-aggresive


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