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pocket toilet for women

not the first of it's kind, like Spiegel claims.

I've seen several of these from different manufacturers over the years. A simple google search yields a similar product from years ago. there are more.

I've seen several disposable toilets for women over the years. A simple web search would show this isn't the first product of it's kind, and your article claims.

Lady truckers must be pleased with all the technological advances.

Strange Doctrines: The Devil's Dictionary

How about we commemorate the attacks and do something about the children?

The voices behind Joe Wilson --

NPR had a great piece on this stuff on Wednesday night. I can't seem to find it.

You might be looking for Thurs. evening stories:

Rep. Wilson's Outburst Aids Rival and Wilson Denounced For 'You Lie' Outburst

There's also a district reaction story from that evening. I don't know if any of this is what you remember.

Ha! You know Mark Marshall, the last speaker, was just dying to use the "call a spade a spade" line. Post-racial society, here I come!


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