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Glenn Beck blames godlessness for America's problems



And what particular aspect of Glenn Beck would one consider to be "godly"?

It's funny how he dismisses perfectly rational explanations for our current problems and then dives into that box of crazy.

Is Obama too Muslim or is he too Secular? Which is it?

I don't get the logic but I might be giving too much credit to Beck's polemics. It'd be easier to respond if they kept some semblance of internal consistency.

No doubt Glen is right. If we all just agreed to believe in god and celebrated their god in the public square, then the nutjobs would stop causing so many problems.

beck says, quoting the "battle hymn of the republic" (first song i learned on guitar btw) "let us die to make men free". he seems to feel real strongly about it. i say let the boy have his way.

i'll stick with george s. patton: "the object of war isn't to die for your country. it's to make the other poor, dumb sonafabitch die for HIS country."

I thought for a moment there that he'd start crying again.


"Let us die for each others freedom, just not kill each other."

So 4 minutes and 45 seconds of emotional incitement. Followed by an exaltation to put our lives on the line and one small clause of the final sentence to not kill anyone. Sounds very disengenuous and a little like ass covering.

Of course I love the claim for christian inspired rights. Not supported by the bible itself without creative interpretation. In fact the bible many times expressly goes against the point of "all men created equal" with many of its clauses.

There have got to be a few rights in the bible... The right to stone people to death? The right to be judged by god or anyone claiming to know his will.

I pray that Glenn Beck dies very soon. For my freedom.

Lucky for him prayer is like farting in the wind...

Wow. I never used to believe that smoking obscene amounts of pot in your younger days could have serious long term effects in your mental health.

Glenn Beck's the living proof folks; weed kills brain cells.

I didn't realize Glen's new church sermon pilot episode was already in production.

I didn't realize Glenn's new church sermon pilot episode was already in production.

Beck doesn't know that the "Battle Hymn" was originally "John Brown's Body". Neither is he familiar with Mark Twain's version,

everytime i see GB, i have to poop. coincidence? i think not....

I loathe GB, but I've got to say a few of those videos were pretty over the top. I hope there is some context that makes them far less ... odd, but it does seem like there are people out there that do 'revere' Obama, and it's not healthy

Does he actually believe this stuff? Does he seem sincere to you (really, I'm curious)? To me it seemed like he was doing a over the top and poor acting job to try and portray views of religious intolerance.

snak_attack, I'll agree that the lil clips were wiggy. Beck was wiggier, though. Like a warped 700 Club: and the U.S. is great because god (OUR god, by the way) is on our side. He doesn't know the tune to "Jesus Loves Me," either. Sadly, I have some kin that will eat up this clip and quote it every chance they get.

I don't have any void to fill, but damnit, I want some godless money!!


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