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Bill Maher and Jay Leno

Part 1

Part 2



I know Bill likes to be green, but damn those are a lot of recycled jokes.

Sure, but like many musicians (for instance) I think people wish to perform their material to a larger crowd. Most people haven't heard these after all...

US only. Most vexing.

These is the Leno show, these people have never seen Maher's show.

@Frenetic Yes, it's a drag when you live outside the US, but do a little googling, the program (and tons of others) is easily available on torrent sites a few hours after airing there.

Thanks, I am aware of that. It would just be a lot more convenient if I could watch the videos here, like I could in the good old days.

Not to mention, unless I get lucky I am often unable to figure out what precisely the the video is without being able to play it. In fact, the name of the show isn't even in the post. There are never any air dates or episode numbers either. How many videos do I have to download before I find the particular one embedded here?

I'm screwed, basically.

Who knows I may get over my laziness and start doing it the old way again. No promises, and my apologies for screwing you. It wasn't good for me either. :)

"Get a ruler and measure it for me."


It's weird to see Bill Maher make sense about the big picture in health care and then simultaneously support snake oil. I'm glad to see he focused on issue.


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