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norm, i can only assume from the scarcity of your posts, your general lack of involvement in the blog, and the fact you seem to be re-posting things you've already put up and which have been discussed here, like this clip, that you have actually located and are involved in "a life". to this i say, congratulations, best of luck, zie gezhunt, mazel tov, and- keep us posted if you're going to give it up entirely. oh, and could you deal with the sidebar thing before you quit?

(if i were you i wouldn't know what to do without the shrub either).

What sidebar thing are you talking about. I noticed a problem on the forum that I'm in the process of fixing, but I don' see any problems here.

maybe it's only my machine? the sidebar used to list the most recent commenter on each post. for the last 5 days (?) it shows the first commenter- a name that for obvious reasons never changes. same thing on the forum sidebar.

thanks for fixing the clip. pretty funny that poormojo posted the one you had up originally, with a link to 1gm.

i'm sorry, maybe you didn't already post this and i'm hallucinating? i just saw another blog linking to 1gm on this. perhaps prophesy? i was sure i'd seen this before, and sure i'd seen it here.

No more shrooms for you.

yeah, after you revise the constitution you can have my shrooms- when you pry them from my cold, dead hands. :)

You saw it here. I copied the wrong embed code initially, or you're hallucinating. It's fixed now as prophecy foretold.

and so it is. I kinda wouldn't have minded some hallucinating just now...

instead I am resisting the temptation to correct in stitches's grammar!


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