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The Story of Suzie

tip to Christopher



If I were making a video in which Suzie is an American (and the map clearly indicates that she is), I wouldn't have a Englishman narrate. It just gives the Suzies of the world one more lame reason to dismiss it.

It just gives the Suzies of the world one more lame reason to dismiss it.

Sadly, I think this video would whoosh right over the heads of most religious people anyways. It sounds pretty blatant to us, but I suspect it would come off as too subtle for those whose eyes glaze over the minute they hear the name "Jesus".

What a pity Doug (aka QualiaSoup) is British - another reason for no-one to pay attention. Perhaps he ought to take lessons from Hugh Laurie, Rufus Sewell, Marianne Jean-Baptiste and the like so he can learn to speak in an acceptably US way?

Sorry, I am such a fan of Doug I didn't even bother to go to the link. I obviously should have said - he should learn to SPELL in an acceptably US way! I am sure that many of you in the US will immediately dismiss the message because he doesn't use 'Mom' and he spells 'organise' without a zed - oops, there I go again. I should say Zee. These differences are really important, aren't they?

only for pedants. :)

if you know this doug person personally, please convey my admiration and respect for the video.

No Jonathan, unfortunately I am only a fan.

I have collected a number of his videos onto my HD and review them when I feel the need.

These differences are really important, aren't they?

To the average true-believing xenophobe? You bet they are.

I'd have preferred if it hinted at the irony of Susie praying for Jesus to heal the sick and promote world peace and then waking up and voting for people who want to keep healthcare unaffordable for the poorest citizens, and who are eager to continue the endless cycle of nationalist real politik which leads to global conflict and instability, all because they had 'good moral values'.


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