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Sam Harris / Bill Maher



I'm starting to think that Maher really believes he started something there with his movie.

I don't think he thinks he started something with his movie - he thinks he started it with "Politically Incorrect", and he thinks the movie just amplified it. I live Bill Maher whacking away at religion, but of course – even in pop culture – Bill Maher hasn't said anything about religion that George Carlin didn't say. (& Lenny Bruce before that? I haven't really heard so much of Lenny Bruce, but I'll always love his joke about catholic school girls who, if Jesus had liven in the 20th century, would be walking around wearing little tiny electric chairs around their necks.)

harris seems tired, unhappy, like he's just putting up with everything. his yiddeshe mama would say to him "sam! is everything ok? are you eating right? what's wrong, bubbeleh?".

i know he's always treated charisma as a desease, and rightfully so, imo. but he could use a little. he's my favorite horseman, i worry about him. i've collected all the baseball cards and i have his stats. he's a great player but he doesn't understand it's a show, it's gotta be entertaining. signed-

p.t. barnum

"sam! is everything ok? are you eating right? what's wrong, bubbeleh?"'s gotta be entertaining...

...can 'o worms warning.

ROFL - I gotta say, your comments, even when you're full of shit, ARE some of the most entertaining. And when you're right - even better. Norm should sign you up for a long term contract, jb.

:) being full of shit is one of the percs of being someone with nothing to lose.

btw, i work for norm for free. money would only corrupt the purity of our relationship. our schtick is that we hardly agree on anything, and it works. i think. so take yr capitalist ass and stick it up itself. :)jk- i wish i was the "all the facts at my disposal" guy like you are.

He has a long term contract, but he's unreliable. You've noticed that he disappears for long periods of time. What does he do when he's away, that would be an interesting story unless he just sits around playing his guitar and . . .

jerking off? is that what you wanted to say? i have a girlfriend.

you know that i don't have a computer and for most of the year i just don't have access to full participation in these discussions. but i do my best when i can.

please don't fire me.

How exactly do you do that while playing the guitar? Cause I got a Les Paul here and been searching for an excuse to plug it in...

you guys are such a bunch of pervs. anyway, playing guitar and posting on the internet are both close enough to jerking off without bringing actual masturbation into the mix.

Love Sam Harris. Brilliant. But two (tiny) things bother me about him. One, he needs to smile more. (I can't believe I'm saying this because I get accused of being too serious all the time.) But he's a bit too intense. Secondly, he seems to avoid telling people his background is Jewish. It seemed like that's what Maher was trying to get him to say. But he wouldn't take the bait. Why did he have to say 'secular'. Yeah, we get it. But his background is Jewish. What's the big woop? So is mine and I'm still a raving atheist.

So your kids would say that they were raised "Jewish"?

can 'o worms warning.

People assume I am Jewish on a semi regular basis.

Sam Harris is my hero.


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