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Rowan Atkinson Amazing Jesus

tip to Christopher



To give the context, this is in part (afaik) a response to Paul Daniels' (a British magician) well publicised (at the time) remark 'I do tricks; just like Jesus'.

Moreover (more on context) Jonas gives me carte blanche to link to the clips of the original TV debate between the Pythons and the (smug, patronising) Bishop of Suffolk and the odious Malcolm Muggeridge*


*Muggeridge was key to 'Mother Theresa' becoming a household name, as Norm's readers who have read Christopher Hitchen's God is Not Great will be aware. Hitchen's review of a Muggeridge biography, 'A Hundred Years of Muggery' (excellent as always) can be found here:

Ah, time. It really gives you some perspective. I wonder what those two assholes would think now of MP's legacy compared to theirs. I knew about Muggeridge, but since it was Hitchens who described him on his book about Mo. Teresa, I didn't know if he was really that much of an asshole. Seems not only that, he is one of those smug assholes.

norm, your "recent comments" sidebar is now showing the first comment rather than the last. just thought you should know.


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