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what can you say about the passing of ted kennedy? bobby and jfk had a retarded sister. she was retarded because her father had her lobotomized. they also had a "retarded" brother, in the sense that he didn't have whatever it was his brothers had. but he didn't seem like such a bad guy, all things considered. rest in peace.

Like T. Kennedy or not, he is a loss to the liberals. I wouldn't call him "retarded" (even with the quotes) - in any other family, that would have been a very impressive political career.

I didn't know that about Rosemary. I did think she was retarded from birth and that's why Special Olympics, etc. I only knew Tennessee Williams's sister was lobotomized (overheard when I was kid and I didn't understand how she was turned into a vegetable - picturing a very large carrot.)

"prove once and for all that humans did not walk with dinosaurs."

Kinda setting the bar really low there, ain't he. Pretty sure we've proved that 'once and for all' many times over now!

RIP Kennedy; as cynical as it sounds I hope this doesn't hold back reform due to the absence of a voter....a really powerful voter >_<

How do you know that someone from the 24th century didn't already go back there with a time machine? I may have been that mexican, Jesus!

"Thou shalt not Time travel" is one of my personal commandments

Then I guess we won't see you tomorrow.

Right, I will be in the present.

:) what, no one else thought that was funny? that was the funniest thing i've seen here in days. give the guy some credit.

I thought it was funny, Jonathan, not only funny but clever!

Just, I was in a hurry when I saw it this morning (UK Time) to get to a hospital appointment.

You guys are right, I should have used a :)in my response. My oversight.

No point in going back to the past, now.


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