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re: dewey and the ants:

very nice. the kid is a yid. i approve.

what do you guys and gals think about this WholeFoods boycott? Over at CrooksandLiars they are suggesting we join the Boycott facebook page, but I think that's bullshit.

Penalize an entire company for the political views of the CEO? Why? Whole Foods has been awarded one of the best companies to work for. They provide a good service and employee thousands of people. I don't think we should penalize people for participating in the political process. Aren't we partisan and divided enough? Where does this lead? Red companies and blue companies?

The author of that article on Whole Foods (Shelley Powers) wrote:

I have disliked Whole Foods with a passion for many years, both because of Mackey's attitude, and the fact that the company grossly overcharges for its goods. To Mackey, organic and healthy are green marketing, a way to make lots of money. [end quote]

What kind of sense does that make? Do you dislike Ferrari, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Don Perignon because they grossly overchage? Most people don't. They just buy something else in their price range. Why dislike them, just shop somewhere else. Bizarre.

The Michio Kaku interview is great, but kind of hilarious too, the part about Giordano Bruno

"so the church simply burned him alive."

Is Ebert the fat one or the dead one? And why should anyone read his blog? Just asking.

I don't get the idea of the whole foods boycott. If he was using misleading or disingenuous arguments, it would be one thing - but the guy simply has opinions different than mine. I'm sure I'd be hard pressed to find any business owner that I didn't have important political differences with on some issue.

I see boycotts as a weapon that has to be used selectively - the more boycotts are raised, the less people pay attention to any individual one. Save the energy for bigger fish says I

I have shopped at Whole Foods since I could. I've lived in LA, SF and NY and went out of my way to shop there no matter where (or how inconvenient) the store was. Pricey but I like a lot that they sell and I also like to support the politics of food where I can. Mackey has always been a creep (the way he took over stores, his little Wild Oats online bulls@#$, etc.) but I like organic foods, I'm against factory farms, etc. I understand why the woman doesn't like them for their prices (comparing the marketing of healthy foods to luxury goods doesn't strike me as a good analogy - you don't want eating healthy to be a luxury, do you?) but there are things you can get at a reasonable price - just a little more labor intensive. But, I am boycotting. Why should I spend my money at a store where the CEO (the very influential CEO) very vocally is against something that (if done right) I believe will be good for the nation and good for me. I don't shop at Walmart but I do shop Target and Costco. Now that I know Home Depot is a big Glenn Beck supporter, when given the option, I go to Lowe's. Why not? I have been buying more and more at the farmer's market and Trader Joe's and now I won't go to Whole Foods at all.

I think the boycott of Whole Foods is an example of the worst of the crazy left, as crazy and bad as the right wing protesters talking about death panels. One did you read his piece in the WSJ? He is not against changing health care, he just had different ideas than the current Democratic plan? Are we not a civil society where we can have open debate and discussion about things? What would you think if someone in a southern state came forward in support of same sex marriage and the right wing loons started to campaign to close his business? Do you reallly want to be part of a society that tries to destroy a business if they speak their minds? Did any of these folks actually read his article?

Finally those of you so pro organic foods and food politics, you would be better to find your local farmers and buy directly from them than Whole foods. Be careful assuming organic is organic, be careful assuming that the "natural' market food are healthier. Go buy some veggies from a farm, grow your own, cook your own food, forget all the pre processed "organic foods' crap out there ( can i say crap?). I cannot believe how folks will buy overpriced processed cereals etc, just because they say they are organic.

Hmmm...I don't think of myself as the "crazy left" but maybe I am. Mackey is a hard core libertarian who doesn't want his people to unionize (I think he got in trouble for firing some for trying at some point), who pays a low salary (and touts his salary as proof of how fair he is when everyone knows his money comes from stocks), who has tried very carefully to build a monopoly (I read an article ages ago on his unsavory methods of gobbling up the competition - pre-Wild Oats - I stopped shopping there for a while, then, too, until Mackey took a positive stance against factory farms - my friend is a New Seasons shopper in Oregon and I think there was some difficulty there, too, that was recent...I could look it up if you're interested) and whose suggestions in his op ed piece are very much like his Republican buddies. What can I as an individual do to demonstrate how serious I am about wanting health care and how upset I am with those who don't want me to have it? I can sign petitions (check), write my representatives (check), write letters to the media (nope - I haven't done that) and, I can boycott someone that has chosen (chosen! no one asked) to take a very public stance (in his role as CEO) against my position. I think I would be stupid NOT to boycott.

As far as the helpful hints on organic foods - thanks. I do grow a lot of my own herbs, vegetables, berries and I have an amazing apricot tree. I do shop at the farmer's market where there is a certified and non-certified section. There are the organic and the pesticide free farms. I liked a lot of stuff that Whole Foods carried that I cannot get there and a lot of their prepared foods but, that's the way it goes. Like I said, I don't shop Walmart either and I know I could get some better prices on stuff.


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