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Thanks for posting the extended interview with betsy mccaughey. I prolly wouldn't forgotten to watch it otherwise. :)

Oh, and did you hear that she resigned as director of Cantel Medical Corp.?

I'm a fan of Fallows, but I did not understand this remark of his:

The exchange is significant, because it demonstrates that there is indeed a way to "handle" Jon Stewart. You simply have to ignore what he says, interrupt and talk over him, and keep asserting that you're right. You even can try to usurp his role as host by mugging at the audience and rolling your eyes in a shared "there he goes again!" joke with the viewers.

Watching the first clip at least, I do not see how she "handled" him. Fallows is right that she didn't let herself be "caught". Still, it seemed to me that he consistently called her on her bullshit, and for some reason, she thinks citing a page number, without reading from that page, is evidence. I was also impressed that Stewart had clearly prepared, read the relevant sections of the bill, and anticipated what she would say.

I love when Jon said "But I am speaking.." he caught himself so we don't know what he was about to say, maybe as someone who has read the bill, as an expert. Regardless he was prepared enough to speak with confidence to stare her down.

I think she did all the things he accused her of. I don't know how Stewart resisted the urge to say, "Talk to me, I am interviewing you."

I think her tactics gave the interview a much better tone then a the alternative of a sobbing admission that it was all a lie.

I could see how a believer could say she survived the interview largely intact and just had a disagreement in the legal interpretation with a comedian.

... a sobbing admission that it was all a lie.

I would have rather enjoyed that - but then I'm so cruel.

It seems her main beef with end-of-life care is that there is a plan, it is an informed plan, and the government is asking that it be followed (there is also a law or two asking that living wills, etc be followed as well).

I'm trying to understand her issue with that? Does she want less information? Does she want only the 'we will do everything possible' information? Does she want the decisions of the old overridden by emotional children? What?

She is utterly full of shit, or just stupid. She reminds me of Moon Hoaxers.

She MAY have a point about cutting money from some programs to pay for this, but her leap that that means 'old people will die' is a push.

And "rationed care" as a rallying cry? Have you read an insurance statement? I have a FOOT of insurance mail by my front door. They approve or disapprove procedures CONSTANTLY. They balance cost vs benefit.

After my daughter's open heart surgery (at 3 days old), a common virus called RSV would have killed her. initially we received a shot that protected her for about 30 days every single month. It cost $1000.00. Insurance would only cover it during flu months, so during the summer my daughter was unprotected from this virus that 98% of kids under 3 get. (we rarely went out during those months).

This is not an evil thing, but it is the way the insurance system works now, and likely the way a government system would need to work as well to provide the best care for a reasonable cost for the most people.

As my post here showed, this bill utterly inoucuous compared to what was signed into law in Texas by governor G W Bush.

Ms. McCaughey does say that she's in favor of providing medical care for all who can afford it. Ummm, so what about those who cannot afford it? Good phrasing on her part; the GOP should pick up on this li'l tactic.

Later in the interview they discuss her plan for debit cards, and there's $1000-$2000 (-$5000) per person annually, but it is not explained whether each person provides that money or if that is a subsidy for care.

Unfortunately, she did nothing to dispel the notion that those in favor of a minimum of a public option for health care hold that those opposed to the bill are - at best - making mountains out of molehills. In general, the sense is that they are making shit up to stir up anger simply to defeat the bill.

Anyone who has lived without insurance - for any period of time - needs to speak out about this. Catastrophic insurance coverage payments and the deductible for such "coverage" has risen way past the rate of inflation in the past 10 years, so the choice between covering the necessities of food and shelter have a way of trumping that of buying into an expensive plan that might cover basic dental, vision, and an annual doctor's visit.

Once again we find ourselves in a position of searching for a solution for a problem that has already been solved. Our system is broke and has been for quite some time. This point seems obvious to everyone but the most hopeless right-wing extremists and health industry shills like the woman in TDS video. We just need to copy a system that does work, say that of France or Spain or Denmark. Instead we try to try to make all parties happy but the final compromise will probably be unsatisfactory for everyone, especially the consumers.

The best solution seems like the easiest: Medicare for everyone.

Please don't ask how we will pay for it because we already spend more on health care than any other country with worse results. The question should be can we afford not to go this route?

We just need to copy a system that does work, say that of France or Spain or Denmark.

the obvious difference between the revenue needs of the french, spanish or danish governments and the american one is the huge, bloated, out-of-all- proportion defence budget. why don't you pick a country that has one of those to hold up as a shining example of how an essentially socialist healthcare system can work even in a society with such outrageous defense requirements?

sorry. i shouldn't suggest you use israel as a shining example of anything. you might have apoplexy, god forbid. :)


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