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Barney Frank, that guy does not have a problem with honest expression of his thoughts. It isn't the best possible tact for democrats to take but it still felt good to hear someone say it.

i thought frank's response was restrained and elegant. compare it to the response of the israeli guy to the same bullshit over at your "politics of m.a.d." thread. not that he wasn't justified, too.

You two should debate.

It isn't the best possible tact for democrats to take but it still felt good to hear someone say it.

I think it is exactly the best possible tack to take. There is a point up to which one should be understanding of constituents' frustrations, but this crazy woman is far past that point. She's a person who desperately needed to be shamed.

A person with whom I work has a neighbor, an avid Rush Limbaugh listener, who spouts this same kind of bullshit. He's a Limbaugh's poster child: 21-years old, makes about $900/month, has a 2-year-old kid who would qualify for the CHIPs program, but he's either too lazy or stupid to fill out the paperwork. He told my coworker that we don't need healthcare reform - if his kid gets sick, he'll just take him to the emergency room. He does provide his family with the essentials: a nice big flat screen TV. Oh - and true to his radio mentor's example, he and his 19-year old wife just got divorced.

So she's single then?

And hey! I gots a flat screen TV!

I agree with you, it's like trying to debate creationists (again). Would be interesting to see what's the correlation to those two kinds of ideologies.

BTW, I think it's what "nice" atheists miss. You have crazy creationists, kooks, catholics, etc. not only spewing ridiculous bullshit, but also acting on it, you don't go "debating" and "being nice" with them, you go Crackergate on their asses.

Science ponders 'zombie attack'

I think we needed this study about nine years ago. Sorry couldn't resist. For the older listeners: Clapton is a great guitarist; Stewart is God.


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