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Holy shit that Fox video, the guy looks so dodgy. There is nothing to hide. From the first time, just say that you don't delete ANY emails, and say what's obvious that ANYONE can just do it reasonably anonymously. I don't even know how many email accounts I have.

True, but fox was trying to use that technical truth to prove an absurd lie. I am sure if he had said "yes", the next thing she would have said was, "Aha! so it is true!"

...and that's why you don't go on Fox "News".

I just thought that Fox News has sunk so low, it's like engaging creationists... it's better not to, and not give the crackpots any undeserved legitimacy.

re: pot, gateway drug:

mr. morford is absolutely hilarious, and also right on the money. my favorite combination.

re: andyo's comment on the fox video:

i thought exactly the same thing but i didn't want to post for fear of being crapped upon for being pro-fox (couldn't be farther from the truth. i've got a huge crush on megan kelly, tho. what a rotweiler! and really, she's totally different from the other 6 blonde cyborgs on fox...:))

Well my point was that both were dishonest, only the guy didn't have a reason to be. With Fox, it's expected.

how was my sweet megan being dishonest?

mr. morford is absolutely hilarious, and also right on the money. my favorite combination.

here, here! Reminds me of the Google ads offering a hot busty blonde ball of Christian tumescence and the FOX business channel on OGM.

re: the fox thing- are lefties so blind and stupid as to think the obama administration might be the first one in u.s. history not to keep an enemies list? i'm not suggesting it consists of random email adresses, but still.

yet again my knowlege of my people comes in handy: even if obama wanted to keep rahm emanuel from keeping an enemies list, he wouldn't have a hope in hell. but i suspect he was hired for that very reason.

I am not sure what lefties are blind to. The idea that an enemies list might contain the random emails of tens of thousands of crazy cranks is an absurdity that is designed to perpetuate the idea that obama is some totalitarian Manchurian candidate trying to take our country away.

And someone pretending to be a news journalist is throwing the accusation around.


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