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Sorry about the paucity of links. It's JoAnn's fault she keeping me busy playing chess. If you'd like to play just click on the link on the sidebar and I'll have more excuses for not posting.



re: buzz aldrin- thought you might find this amusing, norm:

At first he was joking. Is he joking?

At first I thought he was joking.


i scrutinized this clip for any indication this man might be joking, hoping against hope... but i don't think so.

on the other hand, when buzz aldrin tells you ther's a mysterious monolith on mars's moon, it's not like, say, some science fiction writer telling you. :)

I would like to see more of what he is saying to see if it is really crazy talk. Sounds to me like he is just trying to drum up interest in space travel by referencing some amateur's claims to a "monolith" on Phobos. I don't think people think a lot about space travel anymore except in fiction and that must be really sad to someone like Aldrin.

It's JoAnn's fault she keeping me busy playing chess.

Hey, we don't pay you to make excuses!

Actually, wait... we aren't paying you at all. Gasp! That must mean... blogging is socialism! Washington beaurocrats are coming to steal our freedom! Somebody call Fox News!


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