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Legislators for Sale

Thanks Keith



Wait a minute now – Joe barton is NOT an Oklahoma whore, he's a fightin' TEXAS AGGIE whore. Jeez, Keith get it right!

Let me add, he's not just a whore for the health insurance lobby - he's a whore for the Oil Bidniz too!

Ah, KO, the legislators may have been elected to represent people and not corporations, but this country runs in a fashion where corporate personhood grants big biz with the rights of an individual. Therein lies a good part of the rub.

What kind of self-respecting whore has only one client?

As usual, I think Glenn Greenwald has the correct analysis of this corporate bullshit.

It's been while since I saw a good Olbermann clip. Tons of melodrama and a good dose of crazy. "Paying Halliburton to kill your kids"?! "A new death of freedom"?!? I'm hooked for the whole overwrought clip, though.

The point he's making is still right--Baucus and his lot are horrible.

WOW. Just when I think nothing is shocking, I am shocked.

I read that NYT piece and was bothered by it without thinking why. Since Keith can be so over the top, (not to mention Billo), I was just feeling it was a general reaction to that.

The Wolfe thing is unbelievably creepy, also.

And, now, my only question is, are they tampering with Maddow's show....?

Sorry Keith. You had a chance to move up, but you picked the comfy chair. Like you say, "We know what you are, sir, we're just arguing about the price."

I suppose you could take the view that he did it for the greater good of keeping his podium. But a true believer would have used corporate pressure on the sacrosanctum of journalistic integrity as a spring board to something even better, cleaner, and unassailable. But he probably has great GE health care...


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