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Healther Skelter

Enraged Americans use town hall meetings to voice their anger over the health care process, and Sarah Palin speaks out against Obama's plan to kill her baby.
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Healther Skelter
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all this stuff reminds me so much of something that happened in israel in nov. of 94..or was it 95? incitement suddenly became a big issue. i'm sure you don't want to discuss the details. but if this thing gets outta hand, and glen beck goes to hide under a rock somewhere, i hope he is pulled out and tarred and feathered, at the very least. (drawn and quartered would be my preference, but i don't want to be guilty of "incitement").

incitement- it's a real word, and a real issue, and it's not covered under anyones definition of free speech. go look it up. the guy on maddow the other day was doing it from the other side, talking about "bad americans". only difference was he sounded more intelligent than beck. that's not saying much, and it won't help him in a civil war.

What was the other guy on Maddow inciting?

right, and you have to also consider the target audiences' level of stupidity, credulity and/or racism/xenophobia.

This video shows we don't need better politicans, only a better electorate.


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