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Government-Run Health Care

I think we're fortunate in Utah to have one of the country's best cartoonists, Pat Bagley Here's today's offering; it will keep me chuckling all day long.




The odd thing is that the protests are even more incoherent than this. It seems about half the crowd is Medicare recipients who are enraged that their health care might be compromised in any way by reform. The other half want no new governments programs or regulations for non-senior health care. And they're all complaining about "socialism". It's sort of weird. One part thinks socialism means any government role at all in health care, the other thinks socialism is when the government doesn't commit unlimited resources to your health care. If I were running a town hall I'd try to get the mob to debate itself.

They think Socialism is the govt giving things to "other" people. Most notably, blacks and Latinos.

I always find it interesting when these folks call public transit socialism but think highways and free public parking is somehow capitalism.


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