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Glen Beck's Operation

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Glenn Beck's Operation
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I defy any right-wing twat to catch Jon Stewart in a similar reversal.

This takedown of Glenn Beck was outstanding, yet trivially easy. I guess the hard part is making people laugh instead of explode in rage.

In a short clip (I think Greenwald posted) in which Cronkite was interviewed and asked what his biggest regrets/disappointments were. He said, 'it was our failure to pass on high standards to the next generation [of TV journalists]. However appropriate it was (or wasn't) to call anchors of Cronkite's era "journalists", now it is almost completely oxymoronic. How disgusting/sad/ridiculous is it that Glenn Beck has a job at all?

The movie "Network" was over-the-top satire, but Glenn Beck is every bit as crazy as Howard Beale - and Howard Beale was right a lot more often.

How disgusting/sad/ridiculous is it that Glenn Beck has a job at all?

i once read an interview with marlon brando where he described his role in a particular movie (which one escapes me) as "representing the director's dick" onscreen.

i imagine beck's position to be similar vis-a-vis rupert murdoch. murdoch seems to be a multi-genitaled entity, boasting also hannity and oreilly, among others.

it may be a distasteful job description, but i doubt it's that hard to find idiots to fill (or assume) the position.

Boy would I love to see Beck as a guest on the show...

Beck couldn't even take the women on the View - whined when Whoopi and Barbara called him out on misrepresenting a situation they had personally witnessed.

He would have a complete Tucker Carlson+ meltdown with Jon.

This clip needs to go viral.


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