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Fox Losing Their Focus



It seems Sean is a victim of believing his own lies about most of America being angry about and against healthcare reform. Methinks his audience wil be better screened next time.

Frank Luntz can usually handle bullying a focus group by himself (he's great in the documentary The Persuaders), but now he has Hannity playing the bad cop! It's hilarious to see people very calmly tell Hannity that the whole problem with the angriest protesters is that they get their info from Fox News. LOL!

It is conceivable (but, I think, unlikely) that Fox News and the Republicans, et al, could collapse under the weight of their own lies. I don't think our society is close enough to "1984" yet for fabricated, propaganda-based realities to remain stable (there is still plenty of dissent getting through, obviously: Hi!)

I'm not banking on such a collapse, however; just some wobbling. The idea of a vast majority suddenly seeing reason just seems too good to be true. The people who voted for Obama could be a positive sign, evidence of a turning tide... or maybe most voters just went for the handsome face and flowery rhetoric (or the racial identity).

And even if the Republican machine implodes, I doubt the power vacuum will be filled by someone less corrupt (or corruptable). And the rest of the MSM is complicit with Fox News in bringing about the fucked-up situation America is in, and We The People are in turn responsible for tuning in and buying all their crap.

Maybe I'm being pessimistic, maybe I'm wrong... I hope so.

Ok...that's your (justifiably foggy) crystal ball. what's your solution?


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