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The election broke their brains - Bart Simpson The Office ?

(tip to Christopher)



I immediately suspected that either the quote was a misquote, or it was a misattribution..

A short google search leads me to believe that the quote is actually from The Office..

a far cry from the simpsons, but at least he tried to give credit =D

"bad americans"? where have i heard that before?

congratulations, norm, for warning us about this terrible and obvious demagoguery. at first i thought maybe i was supposed to seriously consider what this ingrate was saying. i was ready to go to war for 1gm and the holy flag of righteous liberalism. then i thought "oh, of course, norm is warning us AGAINST stupidity, as always. whew! and i put down

maybe he should have a talk with that pinker guy about how people are so mellow these days.

It annoys me that people have to simplify the insanity of the right-wing evangelicals into sounding like it is entirely racism. Racism is a factor, yes, but only fractionally and as part of a larger cultural antagonism. (And these crazies are not all white middle-aged men, either.)

Even the historical references have been simplified: For example, people seem to be forgetting that the Nazis didn't just go after Jews, they went after intellectuals, homosexuals, and various other minorities and sources of dissent. Of course, its mostly the right-wing evangelicals who are making references to Nazism as they wage their war against intellectuals, homosexuals, and various other minorities and sources of dissent...

The ideological brainwashing behind these Fox-News-watching nutbars is a little more subtle than "demonize a certain ethnicity"; maybe that is part of what makes it so insidious and dangerous. Or maybe people are unwilling to process arguments that can't be broken down into 10-second soundbites.

Since Frank Schaeffer is referencing Beck and Limbaugh, he's bound to hit on racism because those 2 have twisted the rhetoric around so that their racism reveals itself as they call Obama and those he appoints or nominates to positions as racists.

The right was quick to pick up on criticisms of the Bush admin and those who pushed the Patriot Act as paralleling tactics implemented by fascists. The neo-cons probably have been planning this since the primary season, only adjusting the sound bites to match whoever won on the Democratic side. So of course, we now have a nazified pres. Or socialist. TAke your pick.

The old "False Evidence Appearing Real" to define fear still applies.

If you go back to the roots you don't have to make a choice - the term Nazi comes from the 'National Socialist' party (Nationalsozialismus). Two for the price of one, or as we say in Britain - BOGOF.

This guy is good, but teeters on the edge of what I was talking about on the forum. It will be interesting to see what happens at obama's town hall in an hour.

"teeters on the edge"? the guy is a full on demagogue with a personal axe to grind. just because we may agree with him mostly don't make it right.

I agree - and I'd rather he weren't on my side. Once an evangelical, always an evangelical, I suppose. He is still preaching - not making an argument and not persuading.

Ok, I was being too kind. I find his behind the scenes view of the right potentially interesting but he was mostly slinging accusations around without getting specific on the who.

A few alarmed lefties were comparing Bush Jr's. administration to fascists sometime during his first term and I objected. Proto-fascists, sure. But the inept kleptocracy wasn't coherent enough or fanatical enough or smart enough to lay claim to, really any, philosophy or movement status.

Many republicans in Congress remain merely lazy, merely stupid, merely greedy, but as the tide of failed idiocrats has receded the hot, hard core of passionately deluded zealots remains.

These people certainly are behaving like Brown Shirts. Three times now firearms have been brought to Town Hall meetings by these thugs. Two were smuggled onto the premises, one was simply carried by a protestor outside, in a holster, as was his right. Thuggish intimidation is not illegal, but it brands these people for who they are.

It's not hyperbole to remember that the Weimar Republic was the most liberal nation in europe before the original Brown Shirts began breaking up opponent's political gatherings, first intimidating and then beating people in the streets. We have a brief window of opportunity to avoid their fate. We have to call this stuff out for what it is and we have to make sure that real progress is achieved in Obama's first term.

Fascism must be identified for what it is and nothing will underline the fatuous failure of their movement better than progress.


Progressives need to be careful to separate the Cheechakos from the Sourdoughs. Extremists only gain real power when they play on the very real fears of many regular people.

Proto-fascists, sure. But the inept kleptocracy wasn't coherent enough or fanatical enough or smart enough to lay claim to, really any, philosophy or movement status.

I think you misunderstand John Yoo, David Addington – and Dick Cheney himself, for that matter. I think that in some sad way we were lucky that Bush and his cronies were so corrupt and so inept. There are enough "conservatives" who at least recognized those failings of dubya and other clownishly stupid people like Gonzales that the Yoos, Addingtons, and Cheneys effectiveness was eventually blunted. But these guys certainly not believers in any kind actual democracy and I'm quite convinced that they ARE fanatical enough.


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