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Dana Gould Reports on Healthcare

tip to Patrick



Very funny clip :)

Would be great if people would stop confusing health care with health insurance, though. People require a certain amount of dentistry, optical care, etc., throughout their lives, but most of those expenses are predictable in a way that makes insuring them impossible. If you doubt that, imagine that everyone on your block decides to open a bank account to insure the block's residents for medical expenses. It's easy to closely predict how much everyone will spend for glasses, tooth extraction, doctor checkups, etc., throughout their lives, so everyone puts that estimated amount in the account. Since the mean amount people will need corresponds closely to what each person actually needs, everyone takes their money right back out again as problems arise. But they don't get quite what they put in because of administrative costs.

BTW, I don't have a problem with someone responding "well, everyone deserves whatever dentistry they need." Fine, redistribute money through taxation so that objective can be met. But don't pretend that this redistribution has anything to do with the concept of insurance or that the best method of redistribution is through insurance companies.

Brad Pitt's interview was really good too.

It was great. Now if he could just explain why the hell he gave up Jennifer for Angelina.

Everyone in Hollywood has dumped Jennifer. Must be some emotional struggles going on there. I like to think he should have stuck with Gweneth. I guess if I could have any beautiful woman in Hollywood, I would also choose 3 of them.

Killing health care reform has always been easier than creating consensus (especially if you're willing to demagogue the issue with "death panels"). But amid all the screaming, here's a point that adds

important contextual ballast: Americans don't really think their health care is so hot. People wonder who is behind the town hall riots when anyone discusses health care reform, or Obamacare – the answer is Conservatives for Patients' Rights. Conservatives for Patients Rights, or the CPR, is headed by one Rick Scott – who isn't a doctor – but used to be the CEO of a hospital, and under his watch, his medical administration defrauded Medicare of $1.7 billion through a practice called upcoding, wherein a Medicare patient gets treated, but Medicare is billed for additional tests that never took place. (That's fraud.) Realistically, Conservatives for Patients Rights and Mr. Scott will never need short term loans, and the only reason why they oppose the bill is that they want the money from the program for themselves.


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