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Bill Maher - New Rules

Real Time with Bill Maher
Get Bill Maher's Religulous



alas, HBO already took it down on youtube. d'oh.

It was good while it lasted – I thoroughly enjoyed it. I guess the α-Vader beats the Ω-Vader!

I just tried last night to upload a youtube video for the first time. It was a 2 1/2 minute clip of Peep Show the other brilliant comedy from Mitchell & Webb.

What I got was as soon as I uploaded it a copyright claim and some restrictions (no embedding). To my surprise, those bastards are using some kind of science-fiction magic in which the content provider sends them copyrighted video and it can analyze which videos match it. Had to upload it to my facebook to share with friends.

those fuckers at youtube are going to ruin everything. it sucks. they showed such promise...

Hey Norm, what you could do is back up the YouTube .flv or .mp4 using (it's easy to use, just make sure you don't get confused by the ads). Then if YouTube goes gestapo on the video, you can host the .mp4 file like any other QuickTime video I think, or if only the .flv is available you can find a way to convert it, or put the video up using one of these solutions.

Oh, I have the original video around here somewhere. I've just been too lazy to post it. I'll try and get off my ass.


Would really appreciate you posting it :)

I second that...

Thanks for re-upping it


Thanks for the vid.

ROFL @ "Reply All" bit

Did he use anecdotal evidence to support his view on health care? The anecdote being Michael Jackson? Yes, I think he did.

I would take anything Maher has to say about medicine with a block of salt.


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