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I wish we had 30 Senators like Barney Frank and 30 more like Bernie Sanders. We'd get stuff DONE!

I have a question to people who blog here. If Obama's healthcare policy is very similar to Hitler's would that be reason enough to dismiss it?

Hitler had a rocket program too. That became to fore-runner of the US space shuttle and Missile program, both of which helped America win the cold war. In fact there where Nazi scientists working in NASA.

And of course who can forget the jet aircrafts in the military? Also first done by the Nazis.

Also the freeways that America became famous for, Autobahn's, they are called in Europe and where expanded greatly by Nazis.

In fact like any victor nation, as spoils of the war, America took the best of what Nazi Germany had to offer.

Don't get me wrong here. Obamacare is not Nazi care, but if it where, would that be reason enough to dismiss it? I would think not, we would need to dwell into the details before we come to that conclusion.

I am not sure I am getting your point.


redseven: It's not a difficult point, I think; dismissing idea 'X' based on it's origination from or likeness to (perceived or real) place 'Y' is not a reason to dismiss it. It's called the genetic fallacy.

I think he's saying that liking the VW Beetle doesn't necessarily make you a Hitler sympathizer

No, it makes you ah girly-man...

I agree though, it's like when people say Hitler or someone else was an atheist, therefore atheists... you get the point. Hitler was also an a-unicornist for all I know.

or that just because hitler had a mustache doesn't mean they should be illegal in a democracy. to which i would reply "yeah, so?"

andy beats me to the punch!

jebus, norm has trained us well. it's embarrasing...

BTW Hitler wasn't actually an atheist, forgot to say. But some people do love stating that.

I get what you are all saying, but a VW bug and rocket program are some pretty different examples.

More to the point, if Obama were to model a healthcare plan after the Nazi plan, given all the other possible choices, I would certainly call for his resignation or impeachment.

If Hitler had the best chocolate cake recipe in the world i would still spit it in the face of any host that tried to feed it to me.

There are some characters so vile that they deserve some irrational distaste, just to be clear that the some total of their contribution to society is clearly stamped as evil.

oh no, i just bought the recipe on ebay. i invested my entire savings in it. the market testing guys told me it was gonna go over great. you really think people won't buy it? we were gonna call it "hitlers sugar and spice and everything nice ben and jerry are racially inferior chocolate cake".

An interesting question.

The rational answer is no, we should not dismiss an idea based on the person or group offering it; that's the ad hominem fallacy, even in the case of NAZIs.

See also: project paperclip, re: NAZI rocket program. It wouldn't be the first time we adopted a NAZI program.

Leaving aside the fact that the only people taking this seriously haven't heard of Godwin's Law, I find it ironic that the US was content to create direct analogues of programs invented by Nazis in order to more efficiently kill people, but won't create a program with the most tenuous of connections to a system used by Nazis when it comes to saving lives.


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