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White Men Can't Judge

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What a shrewd move by Obama. He's nominated a racist!!! A hispanic racist at that. That is gonna blow other racists' minds!


Not that the concept of "race" makes any sense, but hispanics are classifed as part of the "white race"...

Oooofff... Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

And even Stewart refers to her "race"...


Somehow, the second half of this has no sound... probably a problem on my end..


So much anger and disgust from the (R) senators towards Ms. Sotomayor!

And yes, under the US legal classifications (fwiw), Hispanic or Latino is NOT A RACE but an ethnic origin. The race of hispanics can be either caucasian or black (for ex. some people from Dominican Republic and other places are blacks of hispanic ethnicity).


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