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re: stewart having the easiest/hardest job in the world: glen beck is so unbelievably, over the top batshit that he's actually hard to make fun of! i was hoping jon could do better than that, but i see the difficulties.

also, i had no idea lou dobbs had such a huge head. i mean, it's enormous. has this been previously remarked upon?

and that hannity soundtrack: what is that, wagner? carmina burana? beethoven? the omen? whatever, i love that shit.

Carmina Burana: by Carl Orff.

purortedly, Orff had his Nazi ties, so a propos for Hannity. Still, more rumor than fact on Orf.

thanks g.s. not surprised about the nazi ties- doesn't that bit sound just like a lost wagner opera?

The music's more a descendant of German Romanticism than songs of the Goliards, where the texts originated.

Oi! fortune; you are so crazy it's maddening...

From the Wikipedia article:

The Nazi Era

Orff's relationship to German fascism and the Nazi Party has been a matter of considerable debate and analysis. His Carmina Burana was hugely popular in Nazi Germany after its premiere in Frankfurt in 1937, receiving numerous performances. But the composition with its unfamiliar rhythms was also denounced with racist taunts.[1] He was one of the few German composers under the Nazi regime who responded to the official call to write new incidental music for A Midsummer Night's Dream after the music of Felix Mendelssohn had been banned — others refused to cooperate in this.[2] Defenders of Orff note that he had already composed music for this play as early as 1917 and 1927, long before this was a favour for the Nazi government. Critics, however, note that writing music for the play in those years, when the Nazis were not in power, is not the same as writing such music in response to a request from the Nazi party, following the party's racist attacks on Mendelssohn because he was a Jew.

Carmina Burana made Orff's name in Nazi cultural circles. After some initial official discomfort about the work's frank sexual innuendos, Orff's cantata was elevated to the status of a signature piece in Nazi circles, where it was treated as an emblem of Third Reich "youth culture". The Nazi newspaper, the Völkischer Beobachter, once pointed to Orff's cantata as "the kind of clear, stormy, and yet always disciplined music that our time requires". Orff himself was never a paid-up Nazi but he prospered under National Socialist rule

Orff was a personal friend of Kurt Huber, one of the founders of the resistance movement Die Weiße Rose (the White Rose), who was condemned to death by the Volksgerichtshof and executed by the Nazis in 1943. Orff by happenstance called at Huber's house on the day after his arrest. Huber's distraught wife begged Orff to use his influence to help her husband, but Orff denied her request. If his friendship with Huber came out, he told her, he would be "ruined". Huber's wife never saw Orff again. Wracked by guilt, Orff would later write a letter to his late friend Huber, imploring him for forgiveness. [3][4]

So Orff, like many, was afraid at best during WWII.

That bit from Carmina Burana and Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings (from a terrific string quartet!) are the musical gifts that keep on giving to those who like film soundtracks.

well, thank you for that. you certainly seem to know a lot about it, and now i know a little more too.

i'm still struggling with the idea that i like music that the nazis liked. not to mention hannity! yuk. you're right, it's movie soundtracks. i was totally smitten with the "helicopters at dawn" in "apocalypse now". how sick is that? i feel like i need a shower.

embarassingly enough, this has really got me thinking- no, not about how much i love dragging threads off topic.

no, it occurs to me that i love the end of the final scene in "the matrix", with that rage against the machine song, for the same reasons. and ratm are notoriously pinko left-wingy. so it's not about the politics, it's about the feeling. and this feeling can be used to promote anything- including, god help us all, sean hannity and the nazis. vat can i do? the trials and tribulations of being a rocker. anyone can play with your emotions.

and, to put this back on track, i do realize hannity was using the carmina burana music to imply that obama is "der fuhrer" of america. which is unbelievably cheap and should probably be illegal. (everyone knows he's not hitler- he's the antichrist). maybe he thinks we're not supposed to like the music, that it's supposed to creep us out. well, living in a country where live performances of wagner are actually illegal (or close to it) just makes me want to go out and hire an orchestra and entertain my neighbors down the block. maybe that's just me.

oops, just realized- if carmina burana is the soundtrack from "the omen" (haven't seen it, but i get the general picture) then he's probably implying that obama is the antichrist and not the fuherer. maybe he's smarter than i thought. :)

since hannity, being the ignorant white trash he is, probably knows about the "omen" connection more than the "nazi" connection.

sheesh - Lou Dobbs still perpetuating this stuff. I wondered why birtheres hadn't gone back to their caves.

If only Obama producedthat crucial piece of the puzzle then we could lay this matter to rest.

Confirmed: Dobbs was asleep during summer 2008.


When I was a high school kid living in Yakima, Washington, there was a John Birch Society loonytune in town named Floyd Paxton. Crazy Floyd would buy full page ads in the Yakima Herald Republic. In one such ad I remember, Floyd displayed a list (with a map, if I recall correctly) in which he showed with remarkable precision what percentage of governmental decisions were 'communist inspired' in every nation on earth. (In the US it was something like 60%, if I remember right.)

Floyd's legacy: When you buy bread with Kwik Lok plastic fastener holding it shut, yoiu make a small donation to the John Birch Society who - even in Yakima, WA - we knew were bat-shit crazy. If Floyd could see Fox News, I'm sure he'd be so pleased that his lifelong dream of bat-shit crazy media has been realized.


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