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Real Science vs. Psuedoscience

(tip to Joel)




This was such a great part of his show. Dara O'Briain is fantastic, both in his stand-up and on Mock the Week! And this clip was perfect for onegoodmove!

"Psuedoscience," the study of leather with a napped surface?

I can certainly agree with him on the majority of his lovely rant, but Chiropractors?

There are good and bad ones to be sure, but your bones move and shift in some bad ways during your life and it is better IMHO to fix the misaligned bones than cover the pain with drugs and muscle relaxers.

I would also argue that most homeopaths that I know distrust drug companies (and the profit motive) for very legitimate reasons, not that that legitimizes the use of non-medicine, but I do think we all deserve a better choice.


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