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Marcus Brigstocke Rants



brilliant and funny, thanks. was that you, pedantsareus? only the brits can really do this sort of thing justice.

one reason i thought of that makes it worthwhile being familiar with religious principles even if you're not religious is that anti-religious humor becomes that much funnier and more enjoyable.

i thought it was really funny that while he was making fun of dawkins, a disclaimer appears onscreen saying "don't worry, he really loves dawkins".

the whole thing was a scream, and i had never heard of the guy before. thanks again.

ok, i'm not a christian, but i am a samaritan (technically-i live in samaria) so i think i got this one.

the parable of the good samaritan isn't really about tolerance or intolerance. it's about how horrible the priests and levites (representing respectively the sadducees and pharisees, jesus's sworn enemies) were. they were so horrible they were even worse than the hated samaritans (a breakaway jewish sect that didn't accept the authority of the oral law)

yep. jesus wasn't such a forgiving guy either. maybe that's why they thought he was god's son- family resemblance.


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