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Links With Your Coffee - Thursday




The article on CEO's... eh. First off, if everyone really did have the ability to be a CEO (minus the sociopath part), there would be a lot more people starting their own companies. But there aren't, because as a CEO you have to function without recourse - there's no one to back you up if you screw up. They get paid a lot because society values people who are able to do that.

And second, there's a much more obvious explanation for being able to make decisions that hurt other people while still being able to sleep at night - cognitive dissonance. You've read "Mistakes Were Made," right? That's a much simpler (in information terms) of a theory than "all CEO's are sociopaths." They're completely separated from the lives they're harming, just like the person who pressed the button to drop the atomic bomb probably had an easier time than if he had been required to individually slit each person's throat. It's a universal of human thought, not something unique to CEO's.

Of course, that goes against the comfortable truth that you too could be a millionaire if you just weren't so damn moral. "I guess the reason I'm not a CEO is because I'm not a sociopath, so I don't have to feel so bad about not being one." It's much easier to deal with being mediocre if you can justify it by saying that the people who aren't mediocre must have something else wrong with them. Especially if you get to just make something up out of thin air, like Thom does in the article.

re:gods resignation speech:

brilliant idea (wish i'd thought of it). pretty decent execution. thanks for the yuks.


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