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RE: Bill Maher and "anti-science" : Respectful Insolence

This part cracked me up:

...personally, when an award is given, I prefer that the recipient actually meet all of the listed criteria. (I'm funny that way.)

If Bill Maher is anti-vaccine why would he write this?

Cause he's more anti-religious and more pro-sex than he is anti-medicine. In the first of Orac's posts about this, some people do point it out (or was it at Pharyngula?).

Perhaps he's changed his mind. On Real Time with Bill Maher March 2005 he said:

I don't believe in vaccination either. That's a... well, that's a... what? That's another theory that I think is flawed, that we go by the Louis Pasteur theory, even though Louis Pasteur renounced it on his own deathbed and said that Beauchamp(s) was right: it's not the invading germs, it's the terrain. It's not the mosquitoes, it's the swamp that they are breeding in.

or maybe he found being pro-vaccine useful in bashing the Christians. That is the problem, many of those who agree with our views only use a scientifically sound argument when it supports a view they already hold.


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