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Links With Your Coffee - Sunday




Wow - intense start to a new year.....

I think you missed a few months.

I understand what you said, Jill

It is hugely unlikely God cares much about your sex life

I must not be doing it right.

re: the fox news asshole:

i totally agree (of course) with the article here. even if the soldier from idaho is a deserter, calling for his captors to execute him and save the u.s. some money is totally reprehensible, i can't believe it's not illegal. but i was disturbed by the authors p.c. comment:

Here you have a kid, 23-years-old, in custody. He's got to be terrified.

in CUSTODY? is that what it's called when the guys who have you "in custody" are going to torture you and then saw your head off and make a video of it?

i did, once, make the mistake of clicking on one of those videos (yes, i looked for it). it's a slow process. they actually use a saw, you can here the air rushing out of the trachea as he continues to scream with his head half cut off. that sound haunts my nightmares to this day and i don't recommend veiwing such a thing to anyone.

hey, maybe the fox news guy was advocating a quick execution for humanitarian reasons- to spare the kid a much worse fate. (lugubrious icon here)

You "made the mistake"? I wonder how hard it is not to make that "mistake". It shouldn't be that hard.

yes, sir. you're right, sir. i'll try to keep my bloodthirstiness in check, sir. i also think rubbernecking should be a punishable crime, sir. really.


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