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"New Atheist" is similar to "Atheist" in that both labels were sort of forced into people by other people who didn't share the lack belief. I don't really think I should go by any of them, although if a theist would call me an atheist, he/she would be right, but in the same way that an astrologer would call me an unastrologer and they would be right too. It would never end.

re: "bad science":

i found this on the amazon site advertising the book and thought it was just as fascinating as the article norm posted. thanks, norm.

re: accommodation: It is easier to fall on the side of non-accommodation when you're a non-believer, IMO. Although, as a teacher, sometimes you have to at least pretend there's something to the other side of the argument when you are doing everything in your power to bring someone around to what you know is right (in my case, this usually involves healthy playing technique/posture). Great - now I feel strongly both ways.

re: Brick testament - I am soo glad to know that this site is still going! highly recommended!

norm - you're pulling some late hours, no? I thought I was a night owl!

Btw - another link for this Sunday: Frank MCourt.

I've been an Atheist all my life, the earliest books I've read have been by Ingersoll, Russell, and Percy. Yet for some reason I'm a New Atheist.

I have yet to find out what this New Atheist is.

I've bought books written by Christians on the New Atheists. I believe the oldest one was from the 60s complaining about the New Atheists. Later I got one from the 80s complaining about the New Atheists, now I read modern articles complaining about the New Atheists.

So I'm still trying to figure out what these New Atheists are. Maybe I'll re-read some of Ingersoll's works, and see if he got criticized for being a New Atheist.

I think "New Atheist" is just their way of saying you aren't a "good" Atheist.

In the same way that closeted homosexuals are good or all the similar things that have been said about African Americans over the years.

Some people are fine with diversity as long as long as it keeps the curtains drawn and fears for its safety.

I that case, I am a New Atheist. :)

Yeah, old atheists used to go to church and say Amen at the end of prayers. They just didn't believe it.

hey i finally figured it out: you guys aren't proper atheists, you're just lapsed christians. hey, it's cool, some of my best friends are lapsed christians. :)

Wrong again, I am 3rd generation. Well 1 agnostic and 2 atheist generations anyway.

so, a third generation "nonbeliever", and your brain seems to be pretty much intact. tell those fundies to put that in their pipe and smoke it, hah.

yeah, i was wrong again sort of. what i meant was that 3 generations back your enlightened ancestor probably started as a christian. i still have this fantasy of a "proper atheist" being able to argue against god's existence without getting tangled up with christian ideas, which are a different thing entirely. plenty of jews and christians are atheists, but the tribe of atheists (if you will accept for the moment such an idea) is notably lacking in members of hindu, muslim, buddhist/pantheist, etc. members, or even people of any origin who are familiar with these religions. it just makes me sad, that's all. sniff.

because if your struggle is only about not having christianity forced upon you by the u.s. legal system, well the jews have been carrying that torch since the founding of the country. and they don't have to be atheists to do it, neither.

My great grandparents and I never discussed their feelings on Christ. But I get your point. We do get Christmas trees for our winter solstice celebration.

We do get Christmas trees for our winter solstice celebration.

i prefer drinking the blood of pan before being torn to bits by hundreds of horny intoxicated women myself, but to each his own.

Our living room wasn't big enough for that.

Plus the couch is white

White House Seeks out Secular Student Alliance | Secular Student Alliance: Atheists, Humanists, Agnostics & Others

I like the organization, I am sort of interested in their advisory board.

The Call from the white house is a good sign from the Obama administration but seems to be a bit less than the desire to form an alliance. Probably looking for someone to take the same role that religious student groups do.


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