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Links With Your Coffee - Thursday




I wonder if it ever occurs to such people as Abstruse Goose that the Aliens might be watching RTF, Deutsche Welle or even the BBC?

Naaah, who would want to do that over Fox and CBS?


Pedantsarewe (re cultural snobbery):

I always wondered (shook my head at) at those people (Norm) who listen to the same piece of music (or see the same movie)over and over again and again, but now I catch my self, not for the first/last time, listening to Ockeghem's CD 1i times this week already, recorded by various groups, with their respective musica ficta choices, etc.

If you liked the Goldberg (the Aria is really, excepting the ornaments, country music) what I listen to every day is Missa Prolationem, Wikipedia spells it wrong but says:

"The mass uses progressive canon through all its movements, similar to the way J.S. Bach used canon in the canonic movements of the Goldberg Variations more than two centuries later. Most of the movements feature pairs of mensuration canons. The interval separating the two voices singing each canon grows successively in each consecutive movement, beginning on the unison, proceeding next to the second, then the third, and so forth, reaching the octave in the Sanctus at the "Osanna" section. The four voices each sing in a different mensuration, so rendered in modern music notation, the four voices in the Kyrie II sing respectively in the meters 2/2, 3/2, 9/4, and 6/4, with the voices singing canon 1 in 2/2 and 3/2 (the voice in 3/2 sings the tune half again as slowly, so the voices pull apart gradually), and the voices singing canon 2 in 9/4 and 6/4, again with the voice in 9/4 singing half again as slowly, pulling away from the 6/4 voice. In the score, only one voice was written out for each canon, with the mensuration marks (approximately equivalent to a modern time signature) given alongside, so the singers would understand that they are to sing in those proportions, and thus at different speeds; in addition the intervals between the voices are given in the score by the positions of the C clefs. What so astonished musicians and listeners from Ockeghem's age to the present day is that he was able to accomplish the extraordinarily difficult feat of getting it all to work out.[4]"

Even more esoteric is Perugia's, Perusio's, whoever's le Greynior bien (o...r almost anything from the Chantilly Codex). Yes, I have listened to these hundreds of times.

Perusio's, whoever's le Greynior bien.

Ockeghem's (ahhemm) Missa prolationem.

The surname Kilmeade is from Ireland. What a moron!... or... does he know something about the Irish we don't?

On the banks courtesy loans: The payday loan business probably makes them drool at the obscene profits to be had but they can't legally get into that business. Courtesy loans sounds like the next best thing.

Kilmeade might have added, "Edith, stifle yerself and get me a beer..."

And if you're too young to remember that show, well, you can look at this, but you have to have seen it.

the Douche bag Kilmeade's words reminded me of this song from Roy Zimmerman for some reason (as an antidote to Kilmeade's stupid comments).

Hope his purity seeking dna gets phased out... and soon.

Thanks for that video Cyrano

as a founding member of the league against drug free goody goody liberalism, let me just say this video makes me want to work for a genetically pure world order so that the leaders of said order could SHOOT ME. GHAHHHHH.

and yes, we must rid the world of that "purity seeking dna". sieg heil!

re: kilmeade's idiocy:

just for comparison, here's a quote from norm's friday link to the daniel dennet/richard dawkins thingy:

Wilson offered very interesting data from a new study by his group on a large cohort of American teenagers, half Pentecostals and half Episcopalians (in other words, maximally conservative and maximally liberal), finding that on many different scales of self-assessment, these young people are so different that they would look to a biologist like “different species.”

how do you like them apples?


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