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Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday

  • What's Right With Utah
    Forget everything you think you know about Utah. Yes, it's the reddest state in the union and the headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). For the past twenty-five years, Republicans have had a virtual lock on statewide offices. Utah hasn't voted for a Democrat for president since 1964, and last year the state chose John McCain over Barack Obama by almost a 2-to-1 margin.

    But here in Salt Lake City, it's a different story. The city and surrounding counties are a lovely blue. The current and previous mayors--Ralph Becker and Rocky Anderson--are well-known progressive Democrats with excellent records on the environment, gay and civil rights, disability access and other municipal issues, and Salt Lake County, home to four of the five most populous cities in the state, went for Obama in 2008.

    Then there's Salt Lake City's queer community, whose smart, creative and coalition-building strategies could provide a model for gay activists across the country.

  • Mind - Why the Imp in Your Brain Gets Out -
    The visions seem to swirl up from the brain’s sewage system at the worst possible times — during a job interview, a meeting with the boss, an apprehensive first date, an important dinner party. What if I started a food fight with these hors d’oeuvres? Mocked the host’s stammer? Cut loose with a racial slur?

    “That single thought is enough,” wrote Edgar Allan Poe in “The Imp of the Perverse,” an essay on unwanted impulses. “The impulse increases to a wish, the wish to a desire, the desire to an uncontrollable longing.”

    He added, “There is no passion in nature so demoniacally impatient, as that of him who, shuddering upon the edge of a precipice, thus meditates a plunge.”

    Or meditates on the question: Am I sick?

    In a few cases, the answer may be yes. But a vast majority of people rarely, if ever, act on such urges, and their susceptibility to rude fantasies in fact reflects the workings of a normally sensitive, social brain, argues a paper published last week in the journal Science.

  • Cincinnati Skeptics: Sea Level Rise: It's Worse Than We Thought
  • Video - On the stump with Michael Jackson

    tip to Craig

  • Thesaurus

    It's true, I'm easily amused.

  • New Glimpses of Life’s Puzzling Origins -

    tip to David

  • BBC NEWS | Americas | Deadly clash at Honduran airport

    tip to Jom

  • 'The Case for God by Karen Armstrong' by John Crace - The Guardian -
    Our ancestors, who were obviously right, would have been surprised by the crude empiricism that reduces faith to fundamentalism or atheism. I have no intention of rubbishing anyone's beliefs, so help me God, but Dawkins's critique of God is unbelievably shallow. God is transcendent, clever clogs. So we obviously can't understand him. Duh!

    I'm going to spend the next 250 pages on a quick trawl of comparative religion from the pre-modern to the present day. It won't help make the case for God, but it will make me look clever and keep the publishers happy, so let's hope no one notices!

  • Robert Hinde refuses to speak at Templeton-sponsored event « Why Evolution Is True
  • A new Mr Deity : Pharyngula



This morning I drank my OJ from the the pint glass celebrating the Drinking Liberally club from SLC.

It has the "this is the place" pose in silhouette drinking a beer.

Makes me smile every time.

Your sharing the story made me smile.

What's right with Utah? Norm Jenson.

ahem. rah. and, furthermore, rah. and oh yes, sis, boom

bah. :)

Have you ever thought about the imps that lie hidden in our language? I think about these things, because I'm a blogger with too few imp-ulses and way too much time on my hands. Here are a few imp words:

important, impel, impede, impair, impact, imperious, imperative, impasse, impassible, impend, impenetrable, imperfect, imperial, imperil

More here.

LOL @ the Jackson Image on the Tree Stump video! *8)

i've always been curious, norm, how you decide whether to post a link to a video or do whatever it's called when we see the "screen" on your blog, and the video is it's own post. for the readers it makes no difference- just one click for us.

the mr. deity shows, for instance, are hysterical and don't come out that often. they're certainly at least as sharp and topical as bill maher. yet they appear as poor, uncredited links, buried in a list, wallowing, pining, yearning to have their own post...

so really, how do you decide? what are the factors? (oh, please, please refer me to some book on "the machiavellian philosophy of blogging" or something. :) jk sort of

anyway, thanks for the link. i didn't know a new one had come out.

yet they appear as poor, uncredited links, buried in a list, wallowing, pining, yearning to have their own post... so really, how do you decide? what are the factors?

I mix one part whimsy and two parts time. If time is short I bury it. And if time is very short I may not even view the video or read the entire article, but go on past experience or just a hunch. How do you think I get so many lame links mixed in with the good ones. I'm finding that I'm less willing to spend the time I did once upon a time. There are days when I consider packing it in and closing down the shop. But inertia is a funny thing and I keep thinking I may recapture my old zeal and give the site its due. Or it may be I'm just a lazy bastard.

Thank goodness for inertia. It would be a very very sad day if I discovered that 1gm had closed down! :(

me too. i started reading 1gm in '06. i knew almost nothing about computers or blogging, but i thought hey, this is just like a magazine except it comes out every day, and it's interactive! than norm waved his magic wand and it became interactive in real time, and i was hooked. norm seemed to be interested in a lot of stuff i was interested in, and the commenters were bright and argumentative and sometimes completely off the wall...interesting, in other words.

over the last few years as i've had the chance to investigate other blogs (including those on 1gm's blogroll) i came to appreciate even more the quality of this one. although it seems that commenting has slowed to a trickle, we don't have dubya to kick around anymore, and norm also seems to be posting less, it would be a personal tragedy for me if he gave it up.

rah rah etc. :)

Wait, Am I a brilliant one or an off the wall one?

like you really care what i think, you bright, argumentative, off the wall person, you. :)

Yeah, no. As much as I tell myself that I am here for the intellectually stimulating discourse, I know I my role as a blog commenter is to get attention.


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