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Links With Your Coffee - Tuesday




By Dr. Pho's logic treaties aren't worth trying again either.

Not to worry Dan -- fundie Christians here have been burning JK's books for a decade now. And anyway, the very metaphor of the stories is about the exposure of religion as Voldemort consciousness.

I read this quote from the review of Karen Armstong's book, "With the scientific triumphs of the 17th century, religion stopped being a practice and started to become a theory - in particular the theory of the divine architect. This is a perversion of anything valuable in religious practice, Armstrong writes, and it is only this perverted view that arouses the scorn of modern "militant" atheists. So Dawkins, Dennett, Hitchens and Harris have chosen a straw man as a target. Real religion is serenely immune to their discovery that it is silly to talk of a divine architect." – and I was going to go ballistic over her idiocy. Then I found that her Wikipedia page has a quote from Hugh Fitzgerald that does it better than I would have:

For Karen Armstrong history does not exist. It is putty in the hands of the person who writes about history. You use it to make a point, to do good as you see it. And whatever you need to twist or omit is justified by the purity of your intentions – and Karen Armstrong always has the purest of intentions.
Karen Armstrong is not innocent, and manages to do a great deal of harm, careless or premeditated harm, to history. Too many people read that she has written a few books, and assume, on the basis of nothing, that “she must know what she is talking about” – and some of the nonsense sticks. And perhaps an enraged professor or two bothers to dismiss her, but mostly – this is how the vast public, in debased democracies, learns its history today.


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