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Links With Your Coffee - Thursday





Dunno Norm, I'd love to get an academic post without a doctorate, but most job listings seem curiously insistent about it. Blame them, not me.

how sad that the great university tradition, like so many other things in this foul era has been corrupted, cheapened and turned into a plastic imitation of itself as a result of subjection to cost/benefit analysis. we've gone from wisdom, to knowledge, to information, to buying a sheepskin job qualification.and i say this as probably one of the worst students to darken the halls of academe in late 70's-early 80's- itself a historical period which i thought at the time must represent the peak of human greed and stupidity and sheep-like behaviour. little did i know. i remember when i met my first MBA candidate, i thought it signified the end of the world. the jury's still out on that one, boy.


"information is not knowledge. knowledge is not wisdom. wisdom is not truth. truth is not beauty. beauty is not music. music is THE BEST."-

dr. frank zappa

re: the mba candidate, the conversation went like this:

me: so, why are you pursuing a college education if you hate the liberal arts?

mba candidate: so i can get a job, duh. why are you here?

me: to avoid having to get a job. and to drink heavily. which reminds me, i gotta go...

re:god is slightly gay

ho hum. it's logically apparant that god was aware that, given time and pressure (like a diamond...) man will fuck ANYTHING, and that some will prefer fucking other men. i'm sure the people who believe they're doing god's work by vilifying others for their sexual behaviour or at least their leaders are also well aware of this. you don't legislate against a non-phenomenon, after all.

so, how could it possibly help to hip the homophobes to the stats? i mean, what is there to crow about here?


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