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Lewis Black - Healthcare Reform

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Back in Black - Health Care Reform
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at the end, "that was my spongebob"- comedy gold, jerry.

God, I love Lewis Black.

I guess I'm starting to grow weary of the discussion, because I'm falling right into the negative attitude about it. I haven't had healthcare for years, because I can't afford it. none of my friends can afford it. my best friend is really not doing well with problems that he could have had taking care of, if he had some sort of coverage. so, welcome to dying at the age of 30.

The more I read about Socialized Health Care, the more I like it.

I have VERY good health insurance from my company. My daughters heart surgeries have cost more than 1.7 million and we've had to pay less than 10 thousand. But we've seen the others that can't afford it and the hard decisions.

Think about it. A good person that works their whole life gets sick at 45, and bankrupts their family, or dies.

Is that your America?

Socialized Health Care isn't "free" but it is wise, and distributes costs amongst unpaying healthy workers w/o insurance (in our current system) with the costs of the older working man. It saves not just the older man but his entire family.

And the bullshit about no longer having incentives to work hard... Bullshit. Will they hand out free iPods and cars too? No, 'they' are just evenly distributing a cost that makes our society greater, like water, like interstate highways, and that makes it VERY American indeed.


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