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Judging the judging of Sotomayor



you really are bored with this blog, aren't you norm? my monday coffee was link free and now this. and i can't get an answer from you about the forum posting thing. i'm sure this is a sign of the coming apocalypse.

Everybody gets a day off now and then. Norm needs a deputy.

Carl Rove is such a jackass. He's citing Gallup polls, but the country doesn't run on public whim. He won't say that though. He also won't say this is so because people are too easily misinformed, of which comments the judge made is a perfect example. Public opinion would change if people deliberately and seriously considered the judge's comments he is referring to in context.

He is slime, because he is actively involved with the disinformation machine, then cites the results of his efforts as proof he is right.

I honestly could care less about an opinion poll on a Supreme Court justice, when I'm betting the majority of those people polled wouldn't even be able to name a current justice.

Rove is a spinmeister for sure. My guess would be that before he was elected, George Bush never exceeded a 1.5:1 favorable:unfavorable ratio. The downside to the end of Bush administration is we have sleazeballs like Rove being offered up as wise political experts. He should be offered up as this afternoon's entertainment at Leavenworth.

I wonder if he can tap dance.

Isn't anyone bothered by Newsy's ending byline, "Where multiple stories tell the truth" or something to that respect? Clearly a sampling of the media will not necessarily tell an accurate story!


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