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It's My Birthday



you mean it's your own personal birthday? are you actually 64? well git yr happy on, o wise yet elusive dungeonmaster, as we say in these parts, until 120. mazel tov!

How old did you think I was?

oh, at least a hundred, judging by the grumpiness scale of relative human ages. :)

or mayhaps Norm isn't 64 yet...and wants to know if we'll still need him when. (but it's probably #64...just stringing it out)

Happy birthday (on 1gm) Norm!

When I first heard that Beatles tune 64 seemed so distant, but here it is. Oh and lest you forget you're older too.

Happy BDay Norm! It's my mom's birthday too. ^_^

Happy Birthday Norm.

If you are 64 then you have over 3 tears to go to catch me up!

Three huh, you really are an old fart. A wise, pedantic, sorrowful (the tears), old fart. It's true, I'm sixty-four and happy to have made it this far.

I actually meant 3 years, but then again ,,,,

a birfday present for the new 64 year old:

i don't know if you like this kind of stuff, but i get a kick out of it and hope you'll like it too. it's, like, classical, sort of.

I like it.

Happy birthday Norm...

I'm still in my twenties. Turned twenty-ten a couple months ago.

My mom was 21 for 55 years. She was born in 1921 and claimed that was justification enough for her claim she was 21.

Happy birthday to you sir! Have a fantastic day, you deserve it.

Super J

Happy birthday Norm...

From Lisbon, Portugal

Happy Birthday, Norm. Paul isn't doing bad at 64+....I'm sure you'll do even better...

I'm doing fine, but when I look in the mirror I've been heard to remark, who is that old fart?

I look in the mirror I've been heard to remark, who is that old fart?

I'm only 54 and I'm already doing that. Happy Birthday, Norm. I really like your blog so you've got to hang in there.

My 81-year old colleague - a Roosevelt liberal and proud of it - is still sharp as a tack enjoying life to it fullest. Many happy days for you too!

Happy birthday Norm. It's a beautiful summer day here. A good day to be born. Here's to 64 more.

It's a beautiful summer day here as well. A barbeque is in the works and the family will arrive soon. I'm currently working out best moves for a slew of online correspondence style chess games I have going. How sweet is that perusing the 64 squares on my 64th birthday.

You could also dial new Zealand, use up a box of crayons, and play some Nintendo 64 to round out the day.

Happy birthday! Good job on the blog.. :)

Happy Birthday, Norm! Looking forward to 64 more years of the site!

Oh my GAWD . . . I just KNEW you must be a LEO!

Happy Birthday Norm, thank you for a blog that makes me curious to check daily. That's a lot of stamina for 64! (one thing is for sure, I know I can't keep up and I'm 35, lol)

My husband's birthday happens to be also today, so enjoy your BBQ and we'll enjoy ours wishing you many more!

A bottle of wine for you Norm

Happy belated bday.

Happy Birthday Norm!!


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