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Waiting, like anything else, becomes a habit. Not a matter of patience, only inertia. It is more difficult to make any beginning, however hopeful, than continue any misery, however endless. — Schumberger in Thomas Gavin's "King-kill"



Is there meant to be a link here, Norm?

Pedatsareus (sic)

Oh, well, I suppose I should have linked to the book. It's out of print and so I didn't. But I suppose I should have and so now I have.

Apologies, Norm. I didn't realise it was out of print.

Thank you for your very kind acknowledgements of my efforts, and I hope you nd all my American friends and relatives have a great holiday.

please click here

what the hell is this supposed to mean, having it's own post, norm? are you waiting for something and suffering as a result? what am i to make of this post, man? FOR GOD'S SAKE I NEED TO KNOW! :)


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