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Homeopathic A & E

The clip is from the BBC TV show "That Mitchell and Webb Look" Let me extend a heartfelt thank you to pedatsareus who provided the video. He writes, "Just in case there is a situation of "Two countries divided by a common language" A & E is 'Accident and Emergency', the 'correct' way of referring to ER."



omg i totally lolled. thanx 2 all concerned. imagine being married to one of these people. it's like living with an alcoholic, and twice as expensive. those fucking aquamarine crystals don't grow on trees.

I would think that fucking aquamarine crystals reproduce sexually, otherwise what's the use of fucking?

you...don't see any point to fucking beyond reproduction? i thought that was the whole point of being an atheist. :)

you're a naughty boy, jonathan becker


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