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I hope those in attendance took Thune's comment for the absurd bs that it was.


Gypsy Sister,

Why is it absurd?

I've often wondered why people that are advocates of science are more up in arms about guns than reckless SUV owners. SUVs kill more than 3000 a year (yep, more than 9/11). Statistically, countries that have banned gun ownership have seen an increase in violent crime (see Austrailia).

It just doesn't make sense.

It feels more like a 'fear' to me than a rational argument.And fear makes for bad decisions.

Gypsy Sister, have you ever fired a firearm? Has anyone you know been hurt by one?

Have you driven an SUV. Has anyone you know been hurt by one?

guessing.. no no and yes yes.

Ohh guns bad, I hear they kill people. Banned them.

I always have wondered what would have of happened if guns hadn't been banned in NAZI Germany.

Ah Robinson, good to have your feedback. You'll be surprised by some of my answers to your above questions.

1st - the reason I feel the last comment is absurd: how many victims of violent crimes, who were not in possession of a weapon, tried to own a weapon of any sort and were denied due to gun control or other legislation? I'm gonna guess 0.

I'm not suggesting that noone should have access to firearms. I do feel that those who rely on their instincts - I don't count fear as instinct as much as i weigh it with learned behavior - and wits tend to do quite well in a pinch. My mugging experience worked out well for me with no weapon or even so much as a shove. Instinct was on my side more than wit in this case. The policeman who waits to fire, or never discharges is a dying breed - in part due to high concentration of crime in certain living areas - but not extinct.

I have fired weapons. As a child I learned to shoot bow and arrow and a rifle at a camp (hah! a christian oriented camp at that!) As an adult I served in the army. granted, my position was non-combative, but I completed basic training, acing grenades and qualifying on the M-16 1st time out, even thought the crappy issue jammed 3 times.

I know at least one person who has been shot in a crime and others in combat.

Hah hah hah on the SUV! I am such a greenie that I will NEVER own one of those things. If I could afford a Prius, I 'd be on the waiting list. If I could live my life without my own car, I'd do so (i currently drive an Escort that I bought used and plan to drive into the ground).

Oddly, noone I know has been hurt by an SUV, although a friend was traveling when the tires popped off of one, right in front of his driving path. He and others on the road managed to veer out of the way unscathed; fortunately this happened in light traffic.

Your reaction to me is interesting. Did you assume because I disagreed with Thune's final (final and not entire) remark that I was a certain kind of person? From your post I gather you assumed that I was some uppity intellectual with no ties to actual life in this country. In reality, I favor living in the city, with its environment and conveniences that far outweigh crime issues. I've lived in crime ridden cities of Richmond and Baltimore, and currently reside in easy-going Des Moines. I'd pick anything over the suburbs any day of the week (as in, I'd rather be in the country with a big garden or small farm than in McMansion land). I put my self through school and helped pay for it with my service. I've pretty move paved my own way through life, and some of my roads have sucked the big one; fortunately I figured out what I was doing, ran into a bit of good luck, and my latest road is fairly smooth.

I remember that you're in L.A., and realize that this colors your outlook on the gun debate (btw, have you participated in the 2nd amendment debate over the forum? I haven't been to that thread since a week or so after it was posted). Perhaps it colors your view of the tree huggers such as myself. or not...


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