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Dutch Treat

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And yet, Faux Snooze, the Netherlands received the highest "happiness" rating of any of the developed countries. Who'da thunk?

In his autobiography, Benjamin Franklin writes, "Some volumes against Deism fell into my hands... It happened that they produced on me an effect precisely the reverse of what was intended by the writers; for the arguments of the Deists, which were cited in order to be refuted, appealed to me much more forcibly than the refutation itself. In a word, I soon became a thorough Deist" This Faux "News" hack job had the same effect on me regarding Holland.

So what exactly is Fox News complaining about? The Netherlands sound like a great place to live.

That closing bit was rubbish. I'd say "Jesus Christ!" but that'd support he report.

Just think, the 1st slave ships to arrive in the North American colonies bore the flag of the Netherlands. I much prefer today's evolved community. There's hope for the U.S. yet.

"the" report

legalized suicide pills, hmmm. what would be the moral objection to such a thing? i mean, combined with a visit to a govt. payroll shrink to make sure you're not just confused. and how would it be different from the "bottle of valium+bottle of tequila" formula?


If they want to legalize suicide pills they will have to do extensive testing by the FDA along with drug trials to make sure they are certified for consumer use.

The religious miss the point one more time... so how happy are those people, and how much social inequality is there? I don't think the US in comparison would fare very well. Religion? YES! Happiness and equality? (See asterisk.)

Sounds good to me, it's time to move to Holland!

The irony is that most of the things they implied as being bad are what libertarians would absolutely allow. So much for the "smaller government" fox preaches these days.

The video is of course a complete misrepresentation of Dutch society, but we Dutch don't mind. We get Jon Stewart here so we're laughing just as hard at Fox.

I heard that in Denmark it's even worse by Fox's standards: they in protest don't even marry for the church anymore, just at city hall.

I was working there for several months and the thing that struck me was how happy people seemed to be and how they respected the idea that they might not all have the same thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Even though I'm Dutch and live in Holland, on the whole I find this faux news report pretty decent. Except for the bit at the end about the suicide pill (first time I hear about that one), many of the things he says are actually reasonably close to how I think they are. Personally I applaud our efforts on many of these issues but I can imagine how this kind of freedom is scary as hell those living in US wingnut thoughtcages.

You know, though the tone of disapproval was quite evident, I had the same impression. (Naturally, Faux News still has to editorialize as they "report" – making sure we didn't fail to connect the dots between secularism and euthanasia by explicitly stating it, for example.) As for the facts, except for the end, I guessed it to be fairly accurate. You can buy sex openly. Horrors! Thankfully, here we have it so much better what with our Elliot Spitzer, Ted Haggard, John Ensign, Mark Sanford, Henry Hyde, Bob Barr, Dan Burton, Larry Craig, Bob Livingston, David Vitter, Don Sherwood, Mark Foley, ...

What offends me the most about such pieces are the multiple layers of assumptions made. It goes without saying, you see, that religion is good. Because without religion, you see, this is what happens. And this must be evil, because we don't do such things. Because we have religion.

I'm sure Fox's target audience gasped, and said, "Those poor people! How did they go so far astray?"

And the end of this societal death spiral, as Fox portrayed it, is euthanasia. I'm endlessly amused that suicide is illegal here.

But it's the underlying assumptions that annoy me most. They don't say WHY any of this is bad, they just assume that we know it is.

Just a few errors:

*Marriage with multiple persons is not permitted *Infanticide (killing kids against their will and/ or without their consent) is not permitted. *Weed is illegal (due to pressure from the largest dutch political party (which has christian roots)

Thank goodness we live in a Christian country where nobody gets stoned, hires hookers or commits suicide.

Funny how they criticize Holland, ranked as the happiest place on Earth. For all these godless people there is a low crime rate, low poverty and universal health care. The sort of thing Christians here talk about but never manage to accomplish.

Contrast Holland with the most conservative religious places in America, the Deep South. High poverty, high divorce rate, rampant drug use, high crime rate and the highest percentage of people without health insurance.

I'll bet if we take someone to Holland or the Hicksville, Alabama and ask them where they'd like to live they'll pick Holland every time.

What, exactly, is full-fledged gay marriage? Is that like full-blown? He says that no Christian community has been hit harder than the Catholic Church. I wonder who is the blame for that? And how could moving away from Catholicism be anything but a good thing? I bet that child molestation has gone done as precipitously as church attendance. And notice how euthanasia is directly linked to infanticide in the Fox News play book.

Imagine if your entire world view is what is gleaned from Fox and Rush and Bill O’Reilly. How about this, just go to Amsterdam and see for yourself.

Notice how FOX, making sure uneducated sheep watching FOX wouldn't dare think the Dutch may not have such a bad idea, falsly presents the issue of suicide pills as something Dutch people would like to have... Well, look at what they have, and the next thing they'll have is the suicide pill, NOT just for the terminally ill. Then FOX adds (just in case someone thought they were joking) that people are already talking about it. What people? I don't know any Dutch that advocate a suicide pill. It's like that questionmark headline that makes it sound true: "Are FOX reporters complete blabbering biased lying child-raping idiots?" I'm not saying they are, mind you - but people are tlaking about it, you know.

Yip, I 2nd that. Forbes reported that the Netherlands is the THIRD happiest place on Earth.


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