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Bill Maher - New Rules

The best New Rules ever?

Real Time with Bill Maher
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A wonderful argument that strikes the heart of libertarianism.

Am I still allowed to think the proposed small business penalties are asinine?

Bravo. Mr. Maher. You're still allowed, Zap. You're allowed to think profit and private enterprise can be good things - just as long as it is remembered that they're far from the ONLY things.

My beef with Obamacare isn't about profit motive at all; my beef lies with his plan for implementation.

Rather than tax the wealthy, he has opted to target small business. With unemployment topping 10% in most areas, I find the strategy asinine. At best, this is incredibly poor timing.

I also find it outrageous that those unwilling to participate will be penalized. I see no reason an opt-in single payer system wouldn't work. What we have instead is mandatory insurance.

did i understand correctly the implication in that last article on maher you posted that he's an "antivaccination" guy? i should have clicked the link, is it true?

because all of a sudden i get nervous when i hear him talk about the profit motives of the medical establishment.not that i disagree that this is a big, big issue, but i assume the altmed "community" is equally at risk. therefore, using profit motive as an argument against childhood immunizations is not totally kosher without implicitely trashing the entire altmed enterprise.

wait, maybe it's a worthwhile trade?

Well that ruined my erection. Thanks jon.

not my intent. deepest apologies. hope there's plenty more where that one came from.

If not, there's a pill you can take.

You're assuming conspiracy theorists apply the same "skepticism" against causes they do support. Even though alt-med is a multi-billion dollar industry, and has much more freedom and less restrictions than medicine (the smart alt-med peddlers sell you placebos just to stay out of trouble), the anti-medicine crowd never seem to figure that.

Two terms of bush moved bill from libertarian to democratic socialist. It has been an interesting transformation.

Profit moves people towards efficiency and towards thievery. In realms where customers have no choice, profit motives move people to thievery. Healthcare, housing, addictive substancees are all bad places for profit.


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